A lifetime of movement, training and teaching 
that evolved from moving steel
to moving on a thin rubber mat and in 108" of fabric.

When my advertising agency was engaged to promote a new Nautilus fitness center, I gave the equipment a try. It wasn't long before I left the women's side of the gym for the men's side (yes, that's really the way things were back then). I liked the intensity of the work and the camaraderie among men, but the equipment wasn't sized for my tiny anatomy. I started lifting free weights at a rusty little gym nearby. My teachers were deadlifters and bodybuilders and grizzled old strength guys. That lasted 25 years.

During that time, I earned certification with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and worked as a trainer and nutrition advisor to law enforcement, orienting officers to barracks gym equipment, rehabilitating them after injuries, and helping them to meet their in-service fitness requirements. Running parallel to this is a long career in marketing and visual arts that has kept up with the evolution of impression making.

My husband and I share our lives with two canines - an Italian greyhound who has no eyes, and a rescued Rat terrier with some, well, issues. We rollerblade the flat, South Florida environs whenever we can, and enjoy preparing the fresh foods we get from our local CSA.