Reach new markets. Create new business.
Engaging graphics, compelling copy,
and marketing strategies that hit the mark.

  Marketing is the biggest challenge for the small business with little budget for talent or advertising. Great offerings and good ideas have to be paired with clever outreach and the right offerings and message must reach the right audience. With studios and fitness chains opening in nearly every shopping center, and potential students hopping around on Groupon deals, there's greater pressure than ever to stand out.

If you are open to viewing space usage, student base, teacher relationships, and messaging in new ways, you'll find opportunity and income that your competitors have most likely ignored, or--to their own detriment--don't want. When the herd is running toward a cliff, the one running in the opposite direction seems crazy...but only at first.

I've had a long career in marketing and graphic arts; I've owned an advertising agency, won awards and worked with government agencies, universities, some of the country's biggest private firms, and lots of small ones too.

If it's time to boost or breathe new life into your business, reach out. I can help you make some rain.