When clients and potentials give your blog
and social media messages push, play and visibility,
you've found the key to success.

  More often than not, businesses use social media and blogs for sales messaging and announcements and to provide information. While certainly a relevant use of the tools, it is not the most important. This type of content won't be shared and no one outside of your circle of intimates will ever see it. It will do nothing to build your brand.

Post content and articles that move people, that are profound, important, entertaining, beautiful, and personally or socially relevant, and clients and potentials will engage with it and spread it around to their intimates, who will share it with theirs. This produces widespread visibility and name recognition that extends far beyond the reach of conventional marketing efforts. Best of all, beyond the investment in its creation, the media is free.

I spin this type of messaging into articles and tweets and custom-designed image content for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google searches. I maintain the daily activities that grow your campaign and build a network of followers eager for more. Let's start a conversation to explore ways that we can work together to harness the incredible power of social media marketing.