A healthier life on all levels:
Strength, flexibility, body-awareness, focus, energy,
stress-relief, your ideal weight. Everybody Can Yoga.

  In classes, Playshop premiums and private lessons, I pass on the skill, knowledge and experience that I've gathered from some of the most widely respected yoga and aerial teachers of our time. They are experts in alignment, anatomy, the physiology of movement, and the philosophical underpinnings of the practice. My immersion has continued to over 700 additional hours of education and thousands of practice hours since completing my initial yoga and aerial teacher trainings.

While I love to work with strong students who yearn for advancement, I also enjoy teaching beginners and those who are rarely seen and who wouldn't feel comfortable in most yoga or aerial fitness studios. I especially love to inspire strength and ability in 50 - 60+ year olds.

The benefits of yoga and AntiGravityŽ Fitness are just too great to pass up. Everybody can get stronger, more fit, flexible and body-aware and have fun while doing it. Become infused with a love of movement and a strong desire to remain vital and able as you age, recover, or lose weight.

There are so many ways to play. Reach out for locations and schedule. Let's explore some possibilities together.